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Dr. Fullchange is a Licensed Psychologist, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and a highly sought after speaker whose knowledge, charisma, and passion have captivated diverse audiences across the country. She has over a dozen publications in journals, books, and magazines and has served at the crossroads of mental health, education, and equity for almost 20 years, working with hundreds of school leaders, teachers, students, community members, and families across the nation.


Dr. Fullchange facilitates engaging workshops and talks to support equity in mental health and education. She has presented on topics as diverse as: complex and systemic trauma, mental health in the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, how universities can support BIPOC college students, how parents and teachers can support students' educational rights, and cultivating empathy in classrooms. Click here for for more about these topics, and click here to see some of Dr. Fullchange's past speaking engagements. 

Speaking engagements can be done in-person (with travel from the Bay Area, CA) or virtually. 

Contact Dr. Fullchange to learn more about having her speak at your company, organization, or school.

Note: Profits from speaking engagements support therapy services for historically marginalized communities.

Pay for a completed workshop or speaking engagement

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